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Our history:
In 1957 Jan van Mastrigt started a small trade in stamps. First from his residence at the Willem Buytenweg 222-b, later from an office at the Zwarte hondstraat. In 1965 we recieved the importership of the German brand SAFE, of the Schwabic albumfactory in Bempflingen, Germany. Manufactorer of preprinted stamp albums, collection storing systems, and test equipment.

In 1975 we started trading in coins. Sending products of safe, products of all other brands, stamps, and coins throughout the Netherlands by mail forced us to open a store at the Botersloot in Rotterdam.

In 1982, son Mike van Mastrigt came working in the business. Since 1984, van Mastrigt senior was concentrating more and more at the jewelry trade (Most paying business twice, at TROS ACTUA GELD). Junior Mike van Mastrigt, took over the business in stamps and coins from his father in 1995. Aided by a experienced team of employees the business kept growing, and moved to a larger building at the botersloot 62 & 64 in Rotterdam, situated opposite of the "Grote Bibliotheek", close to the train- and metrostation Rotterdam Blaak.

Since early in the year 2000, our webshop also started to run well. New products are added to it every day still. If the product you are looking for isn't listed on the website, don't hestitate to send us an email, or to call us. Have a lot of viewing, and comparing pleasure at our website!

Due to the dwindeling interest in shares, and big losses generated, the demand for gold and silver has risen significantly. Since 2003 we also sell investment coins, like Krugerrands, Maple leafs, "gouden tientjes" etc.
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